Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Tale of Lonliness

Across the dismal chasms of ones
Fog enshrouded mind,
A wretched bird in silence steals,
In search as if to find,
A friend to thwart off loneliness,
Sword to conquer fear;
It's scream oft breaks the silence
But there's no one there to hear.

The cold engulfs it's visage,
Creeps into its hollow bones,
Instilling deep within it, through
Chilled and dampened tones,
The memoirs of the years gone
By, the basis of all fears,
The reasons for all sadness, the
Wellspring of all tears.

It's weary search is fruitless, it's
Cries are all in vain.
As deep within the void of its soul
It feels the pain.
It's naked body shivers in defiance
Of the cold,
As the elements of all mankind, it
Tries its best to scold.

Then the death toll, heard at last,
When God retracts His breath,
Consumes the silent blackness there,
The bird now meets its death.
No more those shadowed chasms will
Those once proud wings ere fear.
No more those screams of searching
Will those misty caverns hear.

The bird was but the soul of man,
The chasms common sins,
Eroded in the conscience,
The intellect thus dimmed.
With only mist within the mind,
Destroyed by satan's wave,
The soul could feed from nothing;
There was nothing there to save.

With sadness and concern too late,
The story now is told.
How God the Father looses grip,
How satan gains his hold.
Oh friend of mine, don't let your soul,
To satan's ground ere wander,
For many a man has lost his way
When life in prime he squandered

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