Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Latter Days

There is evil all around us, as it spreads across the lands,

The beast will place his mark in their foreheads and their hands.

He prepares his wicked soldiers, Armageddon the last stage,

For the victory of the Lord is near, His final Judgment Day.

There’ll be roaring noise of thunder, lightning flashing all around,

The stars will fall from heaven, an earthquake will shake the ground.

The moon will turn red as blood, the sun turns black as coal,

The heavens, they departed, rolled together as a scroll. ..

Every island, every mountain, shall be moved out of their place,

And some will run and try to hide themselves, from the glory of His face . . ..

For the great day of God’s wrath has come, Who shall be able to with stand?

Have you been waiting, have you been watching? For the Coming of the Son of Man.

Fret not thyself My children, For I am coming soon for thee,

For you have earned the right to reign, one thousand years with Me.

I’ll take you home in Glory, And the Father we’ll behold!

Hand and hand and side by side we’ll walk those streets of gold.

You shall never hunger nor thirst nor cry a tear,

For the formal things have passed away, All your troubles and your fears.

And there’ll be no need for the moon and stars, or the brightness of the sun,

For I, Jesus will be all the light you’ll need. The brightness of the Holy One.

Welcome Home My just and faithful servants.

Because of Calvary

The Indiana Gobedoer

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