Thursday, August 20, 2009

One By One

One by one the gospel goes

O'r hill and vale and waters deep.

One by one the Spirit flows

Through consecrated souls to keep

The trust passed on. The flame of truth

Is ours to share until in death we sleep.
One by one, could we start in youth

With mind uncluttered and muscles strong

How many flames from the torch of truth

Could blaze in darkness, dispelling wrong.

One by one (through holy zeal)

To know God's love, to His church belong.
One by one, when age we feel,

When youth has flown and gray hairs last

(The truth is still alive and real,

In future days as in ages past,)

We gain from age its wisdom too

As we notice the sand in the hour glass.
One by one, though the days be few

Mourn not for time ill spent.

Each day is ours, each day is new.

Each face we meet is heaven sent.

God would have us share His love,

To us, for this His life is lent.
Just remember, one by one,

(Though we would deal with many,)

Is where God's brightest work is done

For He counts few as plenty.

What a shame if one we pass

While waiting still for many.
One by one, when lots are cast

When God's verdicts are finally known

Will your fruits forever last

Or be into the fire thrown?

One by one, is how it is done

From Eden to final home.

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