Wednesday, July 29, 2009

God is Always Watching Over His Own

(Testimony of a Go Be Do friend in Texas)
Judging others, we all do it in some form or another. When you look at a person you form an instant opinion.

Rich, poor, druggie or Christian. God really doesn't care what's on the outside because as we know God can and does use this for His work.

An example of this would be when I hitchhiked off from my loved ones. I thought I knew what I was doing, but in review He was the one to guide me back to the people who loved me most. When it was time to come home, it all fell into place so quickly that I didn't have time to question what I was doing, He just put me into action. The most frightening thing was the phone call home; I tried to call my husband. When we finally talked I found out there were a LOT of people praying for my safe return. But what about him, or her, or them? Would they let me back into their lives? Did they want me with them?

I found out that yes they did, but I also found out that the man I left that he didn't. His ticket was there, but mine wasn't, so he left on the bus home and left me stuck in a town where I knew no one at all! It was getting dark and I had no place to go.

I was totally alone except the guy behind the counter who was closing shop for the night. There were no more buses due until morning. I called my husband back to tell him I wouldn't be home until morning... As I hung up a car with a older lady pulled up beside me, She said "God told me you needed help, what can I do?" I freaked! How did this lady know? I knew what she said, but could she be trusted when I was dirty, smelly and my clothes weren't even comparable to hers? She was dressed very nicely and had a nice car, and she was going to help me out? What was her catch? I told her I needed a ride just one town over and she said she couldn't because of her eyesight, but she would take me to someone who would. I went over to the bench where my bag was and underneath was 25 dollars. I looked around and saw no one.... She took me to her house and called her preacher, he took me home (where I'd been staying).

The next morning my landlord came by and I told him that everything in the trailer was to go to the churches that helped us out when we first got there, if my friend didn't come back for it after a couple weeks. He took me to the bus station, but my ticket still wasn't there and he offered to pay for one, if I was sure I wanted to go. My ticket finally showed up. As I was waiting for the bus I saw a man who, by looking at him, hadn't eaten in a while so I gave him some of the money I'd found the day before under my bag. I knew how he felt, wondering where that next meal was coming from. God gave it to me... I gave part of it back. I was starting to see how God was putting people in the right place, at the right time to help me out, or those to help out.

When the bus got there I said my good-byes with tears because the people who came to see me off (my landlord and his sister-in-law, which usually didn't get along) had become like a mom and dad to me. They were always helping, never asking anything in return. When I had to change buses I saw a boy, about 17 or so, he was running away. I asked if he was being hurt at home and he said, "No, I'm just mad because I couldn't use the car last weekend." I gave him some money, enough for a phone call, and told him to call his mom because she's gonna be upset, but glad he's safe. I went outside to wait for the bus and a little while later I saw the boy come out with a lady. (his mom) She thanked me and hugged me.

A girl asked if I had any smokes. I noticed she had needle marks on her arms and my first thought was to throw the whole pack at her and run, but then I thought if that nice old lady would have judged me like that, I'd have been sleeping on the streets. I gave her the pack I had and asked her if she knew about AIDS and the other things she could get from needles. She said she did. I asked her why she would put that stuff in her body, but she had no answer for me. I told her I would give her my extra pack if she would get help and go home, I hope she did... I'll never know.

Soon I was running short on money myself and wondered how I would eat come suppertime. (I'd been there for 3 or 4 hours). I finally got the bus home !!! Two more hours until the next stop. Then another two until I got home. I met a lady who reminded of my aunt and we talked to make the time pass. She shared a lot of stories of how God helped her and how we are to help others. We stopped to eat, but I didn't have the money so I stayed on the bus. She scolded me for not asking her help.

I finally got to my hometown, and waiting for me was my brother and his son... one of the best sights I'd ever seen. The best sight was when I got to the house and saw my children again. God showed me His love and kept me safe. To me God and only God could do this!!!!!!!

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