Friday, July 17, 2009

1 + 1 = 3!

What does the Bible say about church size? Is it necessary, to belong to a large congregation in order to be in line with Scripture? What is God seeking in terms of numbers of people coming together in corporate worship?

Church organizations are very quick to quote Hebrews 10:25 to try to get people to attend their meetings, as if that were the only option available to the Christian. There is nothing wrong with going to a church function, worship or otherwise, but let's not allow the idea of church attendance to take on a life of its own. People have a weakness for thinking bigger is better. I will agree that, in terms of God's total church, the more members there are the better. Jesus died for all the people who were to ever live on this planet.

When it comes to congregations though, I know of no scriptural mandate for how small is too small, or how big is big enough. Jesus set the threshold for Church group size in Matthew 18:20. "Where two or three are gathered together. . ." Notice , He didn't even begin at three but rather two. Now that's about as simple as it can get! Everyone knows you cannot have a gathering of one. Jesus didn't promote a mega-church system. Rather, He introduced us to God's marvelous math where 1+1=3! If only two people for whom Christ died, recognize that fact and glory in it together, they can rest assured there is a third member of that congregation present, God himself. What's more, Jesus comes in the person of the Holy Spirit so you can add one more. Where the Spirit is, God the Father is sure to be there too, really making it five!

All the number fun aside, we only need to gather one plus one in Jesus' name to have true corporate worship. Don't let some human organization shame you into feeling guilty for not going to some large gathering where you may just get lost in the crowd. I want to worship where Jesus is, how about you?

The number two, less than a few,
In God's Church, can fill a pew.
How sweet is the place, how quiet the pace,
When we gather together, to behold Jesus' face.
I want to be where troubles flee,
Where Jesus meets with you and me.
We needn't wait for some special date.
For some large group to congregate.
Just you and I on bended knee
Are promised, that's where HE will be!
Even so come Lord Jesus!

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